Gospel Giving

Generosity is the normal, worshipful overflow of people who have received the grace of God. View giving details

Why we give

In light of how much we have richly received in Christ, we believe that regular and generous giving is part of our worship to God. We call this ‘gospel-giving.’ We are not giving to ‘get’ something out of God, nor are we ‘tithing’ to check the box and fulfill a religious duty. Instead, our giving is driven by gratitude for the grace we have received, and an earnestness for the mission that lies before us in reaching our city with the gospel.

Rather than focusing on a ‘tithe’, the New Testament instead lays out three important principles when it comes to our money:

  1. Christians are to give joyfully (2 Corinthians 9:7)
  2. Christians are to give regularly (1 Corinthians 16:2)
  3. Christians are to give sacrificially (2 Corinthians 8:7-9)

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Gospel Giving

When we give as Christ gave, we joyfully become poor for the sake of others, we recognise Christ as supreme in our lives, we place reliance on him to provide our needs, and we can begin to remove the idol of money and consumerism from our hearts.

At Liberti, we encourage each follower of Christ to prayerfully consider what percentage of their income God is calling them to give toward the advance of His mission through Liberti Church.

We are deeply grateful for each and every person who generously partners with us to glorify Jesus and bless our city!

For a helpful resource, listen to this message from Pastor Adam Ramsey on ‘Worshipful, Missional Generosity‘ from our Rhythms series.